Desert Care Animal Hospital Staff

Desert Care Animal Hospital is very pleased to introduce you to our dedicated and caring staff.  We do everything we can to make sure you and your pets are well taken care of and leave here with a smile.
Dawn & "Love Bug"

Dawn and her Cockatoo “Love Bug”

Dawn, Veterinary Technician

Hi, I am Dawn and this is my baby “Love Bug” I have been working in the animal industry for 15 plus years and really enjoy working with the exotics.  I love our clients and their pets and can’t wait to assist you when you come visit us here at Desert Care Animal Hospital.


Desirae and “Mocha”

Desirae, Receptionist
Coming Soon…


Paige, Receptionist / Veterinarian Assistant

Hi my name is Paige.  I work as a veterinary receptionist/ assistant here at Desert Care animal Hospital.  I have always had a love for animals since I was a little girl.  I started taking classes in high school to get me into the position I am in now and became a certified assistant before I graduated.  I have two dogs that I love to take on hikes and spoil when I am not working with the fur babies at Desert Care Animal Hospital.

Devynn, Veterinarian Assistant

Devynn has been around animals her entire life being that she is the daughter of our Technician Dawn.  She grew up assisting Dawn at the animal hospital she was working at when ever she could.  Fast forward several years to DCAH where she started volunteering regular for 2 years before being offered a position here at Desert Care Animal Hospital.

Devynn has thrived here and has totally surpassed all the was expected of here.  Not only does she work great with animals and their owners, but her love of the lab she has excelled in her laboratory skills and handles most of our blood work as well as all the hospital ordering.

Devynn shares her home with her two boys Gunther, a french bull dog she rescued and Frenchie a miniature american bull dog.  She loves all life including the creepy crawlies which she will go out of her way to save.  Devynn plans on returning to school in the near future to get her RVT certification.


Krystle, Veterinarian Assistant

Hi my name is Krystle and I am 18 years old.  I started interning here at DCAH about a year ago and now I am working here and love it.  What made me want to join this field was when I got my first dog.  Her name was Dutchess and she was a pug.  I was 7 yrs when I got her and ever since I have been fascinated with all animals.  I would watch documentaries on animals all day.  It was always funny watching my family react to the gross things and it didn’t phase me. Now I have a Chihuahua posse Eva, Sookie and Minnie, as well as my little cat Jessie.  I am very thankful for this opportunity to learn and develop my skills.  It is a lot of fun most of the time and I always enjoy going into work.

Taylor, Veterinarian Assistant

Tamara Stanley, Receptionist

Tamara Stanley, Receptionist

Tamara Stanley, Receptionist

Tamara has been with us for 4 months now. She started working at DCAH because of her love of animals. She has been a small hobby breeder of Border Collies for 14 years and her and her family are very active in the horse community they enjoy all horse activities, especially team roping.

She shares her home with several furry members, but is closest with her little girl Gracie. Gracie has been with her since she was 7 weeks old. She is the household “Nana” and takes care of her family.

Tamara looks forward to working with our wonderful clients and their beautiful babies!


Patty Hospital Administration

Patty started working here in June, but has been in the field for 7 plus years. She has been happily married for 36 years and shares her house with several horses, kitties and dogs. Her best friend though is Sophie a Shepard/husky mix that she rescued.

Patty also does pet sitting on the side and loves her work which allows her to be the voice of animals and help them have a better life.

Big Daddy

Big Daddy sporting his vacation attire.

R.I.P Big Daddy
Big Daddy left us on January 26, 2016.  He is constantly missed by the entire hospital.

Big Daddy, Hospital Mascot

Big Daddy once was a feral kitty living in downtown Victorville. One of our clients caught him and brought him in because he did not know how to play nice with their kitties. Well, that was 8 years ago and now Big Daddy overlooks surgeries, procedures and tally’s the end of day receipts from his office in the back.

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