Found a baby bird?

If you have found a baby bird and have exhausted all possible means of returning him to his parents you may need to temporarily care for it until your able to get him to a rehabilitation center, animal hospital or a rehabber.

You will need to keep the baby warm and clean.  I like to find smaller boxes and utilize them as a nest with paper towels I can easily change and keep clean.  I can also place these boxes in aquariums to help keep warm and draft free.  Again easily clean up.



Once you have the bird in a safe, warm place you will need to try and determine what type of bird you have.  If your googling, look at the beaks and feet that will tell you a lot, the colors as well but some babies change colors completely. This will help you determine which food recipe to use.

For Corvids like Ravens, Jays, Crows and black birds, as well as other scavenger, meat eaters I use this recipe:

  • 1 hard boiled egg
  • 1 dab of nutrical
  • Soaked dog kibble (warm)

Mix together to make small little balls that will fit the size bird your feeding.

For your seed eating birds like pigeons, sparrows, finches and Doves I tend to have a pre made formula on hand.  This is the same formula you can buy from the local pet shops for your pet parrots.  Remember to NEVER give milk, it causes more hard than good.  If I don’t have formula available in a pinch I will use this recipe:

  • Gerber Rice Cereal
  • Nutrical
  • Warm Water

Mix Warm water with Nutrical to get it to dissolve, add enough water to allow the mixture to go through a syringe smoothly, but not too watery.  The bird will get enough water from the formula as well as above from the soaked dog kibble.

Raising a baby bird and releasing it can be a very rewarding task, but it is also a very time consuming job as well.  Cleanliness is imperative, and birds are poop factories.  You have to change the bedding constantly.  They need to eat every 2-4 hours depending on age of bird.  Some birds even more frequently.  If you have a busy life I would not suggest you try this.

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