Why Your Kitty Is Not Using his Litter Box

One in every 10 cats will have a litter box lapse in his/her lifetime.  The 20 most common reasons for this are:


  1. The cat is suffering from a medical problem involving the urinary tract.
  2. The cat experiences a bout of geriatric constipation.
  3. The caretaker does not keep the box as clean as the cat wants it to be.
  4. The owner changes the brand or tries disposable plastic liners.
  5. The owner changes the location of the litter box.
  6. The owner switches to deodorized or perfumed litter.
  7. The owner buys a new box and throws out the old one or covers the box with a hood.
  8. The owner cleans the litter with too harsh a cleaning product.
  9. The location of the  litter box is too busy or not private enough for the cat.
  10. The home is too large for just one litter box.
  11. The cat inadvertently gets locked out of reach of the litter box.
  12. The cat is kept from using the litter box by another animal in the house.
  13. There are too many cats and not enough litter boxes.
  14. There are too many cats and not enough territory.
  15. Stray cats can be seen/smelled near the cat’s territory.
  16. The un-neutered male cat has come of age and is marking his territory.
  17. The un-spayed female is in heat and advertising for suitors.
  18. Over time the cat has developed an aversion to the texture of the litter.
  19. The cat was never properly trained to use the litter box in the first place.
  20. The cat is stressed by change in routine or environment which may include: a new baby, new furniture. work schedule changes, vacations, overnight guests, a move, etc.

If you feel that none of these are the reason your pet is having litter box issues, make sure and give us a call.

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